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Advertising can be its own “science” within building a successful business, but not advertising, is a mistake that is quite often overlooked.
Why you should advertise on
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Why you should advertise your business or product-
There is millions of reason you should advert your business, product etc but here are the simplest ones you must know.
Awareness = Existence.
Little to no advertising means you are generating little to no awareness about who your company is and what you offer. FACT: Buyers are always more aware of the companies with the most aggressive marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if nobody knows about it! Basically put, if you don’t advertise, and do it frequently and effectively—you don’t exist.

Potential customers are ready to listen—Are you talking?
About half of consumers buy an item within one week of deciding to make the purchase, but the actual purchase time is typically unplanned. As an example, say you decide to buy a new refrigerator. For the next week, you are not only willing to listen to advertisements but eager to in order to see what your options are to find the best deal. They will soak in your advertising like a sponge in order to help them decide where to buy.

Why you should advertise on internet-
Ok, am not trying to convince you because if you have been following, I don’t joke with my readers,
As we move into turbulent times, many business owners are looking at ways to run their businesses more efficiently and cut right down on expenses. This is not the time to cut down on your advertising but rather make sure you are spending your advertising budget wisely. If people can’t find you, they will find your competition.
The internet provides an economical and effective advertising medium. The benefits of advertising online include:
Cost effective.
The cost of advertising online is considerably cheaper than traditional media.
An online marketing campaign is quick to get online and quick to update. It is also quick and easy to extend the reach of the campaign.
Your advert is available 24/7 for the period you have purchased. You have a longer exposure time for the period which you have paid.
Rapidly growing audience.
The number of internet users grows rapidly every month.

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