29 American Students studied in our school for CEAIE-AFS Intercultural Programs

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      This summer vacation, 29 American students came to the Experimental  School of Shuangliu Middle School to learn Chinese 

for 6 weeks for CEAIE-AFS Intercultural Programs.

      During the 6 weeks , they lived in host families with their Chinese parents and sisters or brothers .They had an unforgettable

 experience, at the same time, they brought happiness to their host families.

     During the 6 weeks of Chinese learning, they not only studied language, but also experienced all kinds of Chinese Cultural

 Activities. In order to learn more about Sichuan culture, we took them to some famous places of interest in Chengdu, such as

Kuanzai Alley, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda. They appreciated the charm of Chinese culture, which made them love 

China better.

     They took part in Community Service for three times, they helped little kids study Englishgave wonderful performances to 

the old...

Though this project, these 29 American students learned more about China, they have developed a profound friendship with 

Chinese friends.